RAASM uses a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, with the aim of consolidating the quality level achieved in the production processes and strengthening the renewal and continuous improvement already present in all the company areas.

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  • Analysis of specific market needs and requirements
  • Selection of best treatment for each product family
  • Use of modern, latest-generation software
  • Cutting-edge prototyping to test the correct functionality and assembly of future projects and products
  • Continuous testing of products already on the market
  • Maximum attention paid to operator, product and environmental safety
  • Highly specialised and very experienced team
  • Products designed to allow for easy maintenance, also on-site
  • The modularity of the items has been designed to be exploitable in any work environment
  • PED, MID and ATEX certifications available
  • Developed not only with an industrial design, but also with a focus on aesthetic and artistic form


  • We choose to work only with Italian suppliers that are, as close as possible to our headquarters
  • Our suppliers are historic company partners
  • Each supplier certifies the quality of its components
  • All suppliers use machinery and equipment dedicated to the production of RAASM products

CQ (Control of Quality)

  • Use of only highly technological tools
  • Controls monitored and managed by computerised means
  • Privileged communication channel with after-sales and R&D


  • Assembly islands with dedicated micro-warehouses for each product family
  • Modern, customised equipment to ensure continuous quality
  • Trained, specialised operators for each specific product family
  • The product is ready to use when it comes off the assembly line, to assist the end user
  • Strict monitoring of the aesthetic and functionality of the product being assembled
  • Use of specific machines, designed in-house, to increase the level of quality


  • Testing during each phase of pre-assembly
  • Final testing of all articles
  • Testing of all critical assemblies
  • Quality control on all articles arriving from suppliers
  • The suppliers, in turn, guarantee the quality control of any suppliers and third parties
  • Periodic tests in order to maintain the high quality standards
  • Tests carried out after any repairs handled at the factory
  • Continual updating of standards


  • Use of treated euro pallets
  • Accessories and components packed separately
  • Instruction manuals and brochures supplied in each package
  • Packaging that is highly resistant to impact for worldwide exportation
  • Packaging tested against drops from different heights
  • Double or triple-wave cardboard boxes or wooden crates for large articles
  • Easy to handle thanks to handles in the card
  • Pallet protected with moisture-resistant cellophane
  • All materials are 100% recyclable
  • Cardboard boxes closed with strapping to improve package compactness


  • Pre/post-sales support directly from one of our operators
  • One of our specialised technicians is available to provide support by phone
  • Possibility to carry out technical/sales training at the company, at home or via Skype
  • 5-year guarantee on all articles with the exception of electric/electronic components

On-line services

  • LinkedIn channel for those who want to approach RAASM
  • Twitter channel with frequent updates and possibility of interaction with the company
  • Google+ channel with the sharing of multimedia content and updates of the RAASM world
  • YouTube channel with video tutorials
  • ISSUU channel dedicated for downloading promotional and technical documentation
  • Possibility to send product images, designs, 3D designs, etc.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) available on the site
  • Free download of promotional and technical documentation from the site
  • Sending of Newsletters to provide updates on the latest news

Technical and marketing services

  • Specific functional tests can be requested
  • The R&D office is always available to evaluate or discuss new projects and/or modifications
  • Specialist operations carried out by our technicians at dealerships or end users’ sites
  • Support for the implementation of Tenders and trade shows, events and open-houses
  • Preparation and customisation of ad-hoc promotional material
  • Guided company tours
  • Prompt sending of free promotional material


  • Wide and valuable company park open to employees and customers
  • An impressive showroom for the presentation of new articles and customer visits
  • Training rooms equipped for meetings and appointments with customers
  • A stimulating working environment, also thanks to a focus on culture, with permanent exhibitions of historic and natural objects and rarities
  • Company canteen for employees
  • Periodic cultural outings and progress meetings with staff